Multi-Family Leasing Services

Tenant Screening

It’s our priority to protect our clients from the high cost of low-quality tenants. Livingintown will save you money by placing a well-qualified tenant into your property through our strenuous screening process. We have less than a 1% eviction rate due to the thorough screening procedures that we have implemented. Because of our screening process, we are able to save you thousands of dollars in eviction costs.

Livingintown's 10-Step Screening Procedure:

  1. Obtain Government Issued Identification
  2. Social Security Number Verification
  3. Income/Employment Verification
  4. Credit Score
  5. Credit Report
  6. Review of Landlord Debt/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Tax Liens/Collections
  7. National Eviction Search
  8. Prior Landlord Verification
  9. National Criminal Search
  10. National Sex Offender Search

Rent Collection And Evictions

  • We insist on timely rent payment from tenants.
  • We act promptly when rent is not paid.
  • When necessary, we handle the entire eviction process.
  • Tenants have three rent payment options: Online payment, payment by mail, or payment by hand delivery.