Livingintown Realty Group provides the services and support to build a strong and stable community association. Our professional and personal approach will help improve the lives of families in your neighborhood. Tell us how we can work for you!

HOA Management is a service offered by Livingintown Realty Group to help manage and maintain the operations of a Homeowners Association (HOA). An HOA is a group of homeowners in a particular community who are responsible for maintaining common areas and enforcing community rules and regulations. The goal of HOA Management is to make the process of running an HOA as smooth and efficient as possible, while also ensuring that the needs of the community are met. This may include responsibilities such as overseeing the maintenance of common areas, managing finances and budget, coordinating events and activities, and enforcing HOA rules and regulations. 

Livingintown Realty Group’s HOA Management service may also involve working with a board of directors or other governing body to make decisions that benefit the entire community, as well as handling homeowner and tenant relations, negotiating contracts and service agreements, and ensuring that the HOA is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. With its expertise and resources, Livingintown Realty Group is dedicated to providing top-notch HOA Management services to its clients.

Our services include Accounting and Administrative as well as Property Management and Facility Maintenance. Our experts will help your community stay on top of Covenant Violations and Modification Requests. We will tailor our services to fit your needs!

Basic Association Management

Our Basic Association Management will allow you to focus on your community needs without having to worry about bookkeeping and some of the other in-depth nuances of Association Management.

Total Association Management

Our Total Association Management includes everything needed to manage the day-to-day operations of your association.

Feature Basic Association Management Total Association Management
Dedicated Association Manager to work on behalf of the Board
Management of all day-to-day issues and tasks
Preparation and distribution of annual mailings
Annual Budget preparation
Preparation and distribution of Board Packets & Monthly Financials
Preparation and distribution of all community voting materials
Maintaining annual meeting minutes prepared by Board secretary
Coordination of all vendor activities (regular & special projects)
Creation and distribution of association notices and violation letters
Insurance claim management when needed
Full-scale accounting to handle all of your association’s accounting needs
Collection and accounting of dues, assessments, and expenses
Delinquent collections (additional fees may apply if legal action is needed)
Maintaining and enforcing association policies
Preparation and delivery of all Closing Packets and Lender Certifications (processing fees charged to lender and closing attorney at the time of sale)