Multi-Family Apartments

What We Offer

  • Collecting Rent

    Oversee the collection rent on behalf of the landlord. If the tenant doesn’t pay on time, we will also enforce the rental agreement.

  • Rent Rate Determination

    When units are vacant, Livingintown will determine the appropriate rent payment level to attract the right tenants and keep the property profitable and competitive.

  • Legal Concerns

    When legal concerns arise, Livingintown can tap their knowledge of local tenant and landlord laws.. It also protects the landlord in the event of a non-paying tenant or other eviction need.

  • Maintenance Services

    Livingintown offers on-site maintenance pros, Emergency, and preventative maintenance. As well as have a network of contractors to call upon if the job requires.

  • Resident Management

    We manage resident phone calls, inquiries, and minor issues.

  • Bookkeeping and Records

    Livingintown offers full-service accounting and bookkeeping records for each property under its control. This allows the property’s owner to better plan for expenses and track profits. It also assists in maintaining a paper trail for any legal needs that come up.

  • Marketing

    Multi-unit properties often have a steady flow in and out of tenants. This means vacancies can happen year-round. A property management company has the marketing and local community knowledge to get those vacancies rented to qualified tenants as quickly as possible, protecting the landlord’s income.